Singing Lessons NYC (for Kids)

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Singing Lessons NYC Kids Division

520 8th Ave NYC 10018

A subsidiary of Singing Lessons NYC by Eleonor England

Singing Lessons NYC Kids Division is Singing Lessons NYC’s kids program, geared just for kids ages 5-12. (Kids older than 12? Check out our kids 13+/adults studio). Your kid will learn the basics of singing through more advanced singing techniques in private one-on-one lessons with our background checked teachers.

Our voice teachers are ALL kid-positive and full of energy to match your kid’s enthusiasm!

If your kid loves to sing but needs guidance and help, or if you are looking for singing lessons tailored for younger voices, you are in the right place! We hope you try a session and let us help your kid get started in singing, whether they have personal goals or the goal of someday going pro!

Singing Lessons NYC